Chemistry Department


In addition to the regular curricular offerings, there are many research opportunities available to students throughout the year; we feel strongly that exposure to scientific research is very important and highly complementary to the training that our students receive in the classroom. We encourage all students to find a way a take part in a research experience during their years at Williams. During the fall and spring semesters, as well as Winter Study, students can undertake projects in faculty labs for academic credit (either as independent study or senior honors projects, or as a 3-week Winter Study course). During the summer months, students can work in faculty labs, typically for 10 weeks at a time; funding for summer research positions is obtained through individual faculty grants, as well as departmental and divisional sources. Students of all years are encouraged to talk to different faculty members about their research interests.  Chemistry students have worked on biology, physics, mathematics, environmental science, and geoscience research projects on campus, as well as off-campus projects throughout the world.