Chemical Inventory

The Williams Chemistry Department maintains chemical inventories for use in coursework and research. To manage these inventories, the department uses a product and service called ChemInventory. It is a secure and routinely backed up system of record.

For questions about the Chemistry Department’s inventory please contact Gisela Demant, [email protected], x2670.

For technical support or training for ChemInventory please contact Tattiya Maruco, [email protected], x4534.


Access ChemInventory

ChemInventory may be accessed from the following web address:

Request Access

Access to ChemInventory is restricted to authorized users only. Faculty needing access to ChemInventory should contact Gisela Demant (gdemant​@williams​.edu, x2670). Students needing access must have their faculty request access on their behalf.

  • The first time you login to ChemInventory you will see the prompts below (after first time login you should not see these prompts).






    Williams Account

    If you are using a Williams account to access ChemInventory, then you will need to select the option near the bottom of the login screen called Sign-In using Single Sign On (SSO). This will connect to the Williams College user directory and allow you to login using your Williams credentials (i.e. network user name and password).

    Williams College shares the use of ChemInventory with other institutions, so you will need to select Williams College SSO from the list provided.

    You are directed to a Williams College login prompt. Enter your Williams credentials in the fields provided (i.e. network user name and password).

    You may then be prompted to acknowledge your sharing preference. This “release consent” page is a part of the Williams security policy. Choose the release option you are most comfortable with, and then click Accept.

    Once you have gone through this login process ChemInventory will remember you so that you will only see the simple login page in the future.

    NOTE: ChemInventory remembers each computer that accesses it, so if you use multiple computers you will need to initially go through the full login process for each computer.

    The next time you login you should only see the following:

    NOTE: If at any time during your initial login process you see a registration screen like the one below, please exit the login page immediately and contact Tattiya Maruco, [email protected], x4534!

    Non-Williams Account

    If you login using a non-Williams email address, your login experience will be different from Williams users. Login using your email address and the temporary password provided in your email notification.

    When prompted, enter your acknowledgement that you agree with the terms and conditions of use, and then click Continue.

    The system automatically prompts you to create a new password. Enter your new password in the fields provided (minimum 8 characters). The system will store your password for future use.

    Welcome to ChemInventory!

    The following captures the introductory presentation of basic functions provided the first time you login to ChemInventory.