Colloquium Schedule

TCL 202 at 1:10 p.m. unless otherwise noted

FALL 2022


September 23 (virtual):
Professor Anne McNeil, University of Michigan
Title:  Synthetic Approaches to Sustainable Materials
Plastics have completely transformed our lives, while at the same time having a significant negative impact on our environment. Our research is aimed at developing synthetic approaches to more sustainable polymers. This talk will highlight two projects ongoing within our group. In both projects, we aim to use synthetic chemistry to give a current high-production-volume plastic a second life, attenuating its impact on the environment.

September 30 – CSAC Sponsored
Dr. Michael Miller ’82, Why We Vax
Communications & Policy Committee & Finance / Fundraising Committee

October 7 OR 14
Chemistry Senior Thesis Poster Presentations

November 18 TBL 112:  BIMO Class of 1960 Scholars
Professor Rebecca Dutch, University of Kentucky
Title:  Human Metapneumovirus: Lessons from the virus you haven’t heard of

December 2
Professor C. Rose Kennedy, University of Rochester
Title:  Nature-Inspired Design of Single-Component Nickel Complexes for Cooperative Catalysis and Mechanistic Insight