Anne R. Skinner

Anne Skinner

Senior Lecturer in Chemistry, Emerita

At Williams since 1967

Areas of Expertise

My work focuses on the interface between chemistry and two other disciplines, geology and archaeology or paleoanthropology. A relatively new way of determining the age of materials is to look at radiation damage caused by radioisotopes in the material itself and in its surroundings. Oversimplified, the longer something has been buried, the more damage should be found. The extent of damage can be measured with electron spin resonance (ESR), a technique that looks at the unpaired electrons often found when a stable bond is broken. Geological applications have included following the rise and fall of sea levels due to ice ages by dating shells of species known to live in shallow water, or looking at sediments buried by glaciers during ice ages. Applications to archaeology and paleoanthropology cover the time range from New World flint artifacts to teeth and bones from million-year old sites associated with human evolution. The usual samples are teeth of large mammals found in the same site as hominid remains and/or artifacts. Hominid teeth themselves are generally too rare and too small to yield good results. Sites I have studied include Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania to look at early human evolution, Iringa in Tanzania to estimate the evolutionary history of our own Homo sapiens speices, Mesmaiskaya Cave in Russia where there may have been overlap of modern humans and Neanderthals, and Moendas Cave in Brazil, location of the oldest human skeletal remains in the Western Hemisphere. ESR can also detect heating. An exciting application here has been the study of burnt bones from South Africa. Evidence shows that they had to be heated in a campfire. As these bones are 1.5 million years old, this represents the earliest use of fire by hominids. Interesting problems are found worldwide.

Scholarship/Creative Work

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* Williams student collaborator

Courses Taught

  • CHEM 151: Introductory Chemistry Laboratories
  • CHEM 153: Concepts of Chemistry Laboratories
  • CHEM 251: Organic Chemistry: Intermediate Laboratories
  • CHEM 255: Organic Chemistry – Special Laboratory Section
  • CHEM 256: Advanced Chemical Concepts Laboratories
  • CHEM 262T: Applying the Scientific Method to Archaeology & Paleoanthropology

Research Students

    • Kevin Eagan, ’16, Summer 2014, Independent Research Fall 2014
    • Selena Castro, ’16, Summer 2014
    • Terrance Mensah, ’16, Summer 2014
    • Kassandra Spillar, ’14, Summers 2011, 2013, Thesis, 2013-14
    • Tre’dez Colbert, ’14, Summer 2013
    • Logan Lawson, ’15, Summer 2013
    • Justin Mangope, Summer 2010, 2012
    • Nicole L Weiss, ’12, Summer 2011, Thesis 2011-2012
    • Natalie D. Loewen ’11, Summer 2010
    • Ivory N. Goudy, ’13, Summer 2010
    • Clarissa Andre ’12, Summer ’09
Sarah Franklin ’10, Summer ’09
    • Charles Shafer ’10, Summer ’09
    • Ruth Ezra ’10, Summer ’08
    • Leah Shoer ’09, Summer ’08
    • Michael Tcheyan ’10, Summer ’08
    • Ashwin Chandar ’09, Summer ’07
    • Claudia Lord ’09, Summer ’07
    • Kelly Smith ’09, Summer ’07
    • Ophelia Adipa ’06, Summer ’04
    • Abelee Ruth Esparza ’07, Summer ’04 & ’05
    • Sara Martin ’05, Summer ’02 & ’04
    • LaVonna Bowen ’06, Summer ’03
    • Joanna Lloyd ’05, Summer ’03
    • Catherine Mercado ’06, Summer ’03
    • Terry-Ann Suer ’05, Summer ’03
    • Drew Thompson ’05, Summer ’03
    • Dean Laochamroonvorapongse, Summer ’02
    • Ivan Manolov, Summer ’02
    • Terry-Ann Suer, Summer ’02
    • Arthur Okwesilsi, Summer ’01 & ’02
    • Kendrid LeShawn Mays, Summer ’00 & ’01
    • Valerie Lothian, Summer ’99 & ’00
    • Alan Velander, Summer ’99
    • Haibo Gu, Summer ’98
    • Zuzana Tothova, Summer ’98
    • Stephanie Min, Summer ’97
    • Kristen Hem, Summer ’96