Ben L. Augenbraun

Photo of Ben L. Augenbraun

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Thompson Chemistry Lab


B.A. Williams College (2015)
Ph.D. Harvard University (2022)

Areas of Expertise

I am a molecular spectroscopist, meaning that I use light to study the structure and dynamics of molecules. I am particularly interested in using lasers to probe gas-phase molecules at very high precision. The molecules that my students and I study are model systems for many scientific frontiers, including: (1) quantum information science, (2) transition-metal catalysis, (3)  searching for exotic effects like dark matter, or (4) understanding the fundamental asymmetry between matter and anti-matter. In addition to working with lasers and molecular beams, we perform detailed computational/theoretical modeling to understand molecular structure. If you are a student interested in chemistry, physics, or engineering, please get in touch so we can find a time to talk!