Christopher Goh

Associate Professor of Chemistry, Faculty Fellow of the Davis Center and the Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity

Thompson Chemistry Lab Rm 121
At Williams since 2007
Lab: Morley Science Laboratory, Room 146


B.S. University of Durham (1989)
Ph.D. Harvard University (1996)

Areas of Expertise

Metal-based catalysis can be found in many crucial biochemical and chemical processes. Taking advantage of these catalytic reactions as starting points, our group aims to discover new catalysts or to improve the efficiency of existing systems. A research problem in my group starts with an exploration of the variable space of a catalytic system. We examine the factors that influence the performance and hypothesize strategies for improving the catalyst, and probe these ideas by modifying catalyst compositions. One current project involves the synthesis and application of copper based atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) catalysts. These catalysts provide the power to dictate the composition, molecular weight and molecular weight distribution of macromolecules, and to precisely control their architecture. Thus, such catalysts have a multitude of applications in designing new materials for packaging, automotive, and medical industries, for example. A second project centers on the discovery of homogeneous iron catalysts for the oxidation of fatty acids and their derivatives. Fatty acids can be obtained from plant oils and represent a renewable resource for the polymer industry. The metal catalyzed oxidation of this class of compounds is of interest in the formation of resins, an industrially important class of compounds.


Scholarship/Creative Work

Selected Publications
  • Nonconventional catalysts for isotactic propene polymerization in solution developed by using high-throughput-screening technologies.  Boussie, T. R.; Diamond, G. M.; Goh, C.; Hall, K. A.; La Pointe, A.M.; Leclerc, M. K.; Murphy, V.; Shoemaker, J. A. W.; Turner, H.; Rosen, R. K.; Stevens, J. C.; Alfano, F.; Busico, V.; Cipullo, R.; Talarico, G.,  Angew. Chem., Int. Ed., 2006, 45(20), 3278-3283.
  • Batch reactor with injection system.  Goh, C.; Hall, K.A.; Boussie, T.R.; Murphy, V.; Frank, T.G.; Chandler, W.H.; Van Erden, L. (Symyx Technologies). U.S. Pat. Appl., 2004, 28 pp., US  2004121448.
  • A fully integrated high-throughput screening methodology for the discovery of new polyolefin catalysts: discovery of a new class of high temperature single-site group (IV) copolymerization catalysts.  Boussie, T.R.; Diamond, G.M.; Goh, C.; Hall, K.A.; LaPointe, A.M.; Leclerc, M.; Lund, C.; Murphy, V.; Shoemaker, J.A.W.; Tracht, U.; Turner, H.; Zhang, J.; Uno, T.; Rosen, R.K.; Stevens, J.C., J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2003, 125(14), 4306-4317.
  • In-situ injection and materials screening device.  Frank, T.G.; Hall, K.A.; Chandler, W.H.; Boussie, T.; Crevier, T.J.; Matsiev, L.; Goh, C. (Symyx Technologies), U.S. Pat. Appl. Publ., 2003, 28 pp., Cont.-in-part of U.S. Ser. No. 895,945.
  • Group 4 metal phenol-triazole complexes as catalysts for ethylene-styrene copolymerization.  Brummer, O.; Diamond, G.M.; Goh, C.; Lapointe, A.M.; Leclerc, M.K.; Longmire, J.; Shoemaker, J.A.W. (Symyx Technologies), PCT Int. Appl., 2003, 70 pp., WO 2003087177.
  • Olefin polymerization catalysts comprising group 4 metal complexes with bridged bi-aromatic ligands.  Boussie, T.R.; Bruemmer, O.; Diamond, G.; Goh, C.; Lapointe, A.M.; Leclerc, M.K.; Shoemaker, J.A.W. (Symyx Technologies), PCT Int. Appl., 2003, 138 pp., WO 2003091262.
  • Substituted pyridyl amine-titanium complexes as catalysts for polymerization of ethylene and styrene.  Boussie, T.R.; Diamond, G.M.; Goh, C.; Lapointe, A.M.; Leclerc, M.K.; Lund, C. (Symyx Technologies), Eur. Pat. Appl., 2003, 27 pp., EP 1308450.
  • Catalysts for copolymerizing ethylene and isobutylene and copolymers.  Boussie, T.R.; Diamond, G.M.; Goh, C.; Hall, K.A.; La Pointe, A.M.; Leclerc, M.K.; Lund, C.; Murphy, V. (Symyx Technologies), PCT Int. Appl., 2002, 147 pp., WO 0246249.
  • High-throughput approaches for the discovery and optimization of new olefin polymerization catalysts.  Murphy, V.; Bei, X.; Boussie, T.R.; Brummer, O.; Diamond, G.M.; Goh, C.; Hall, K.A.; Lapointe, A.M.; Leclerc, M.; Longmire, J.M.; Shoemaker, J.A.W.; Turner, H.; Weinberg, W.H., Chem. Record, 2002, 2(4), 278-289.
  • Processes for polymerization catalysts, metal complexes and compositions containing erbium.  Diamond, G.M.; Murphy, V.; Leclerc, M.K.; Goh, C.; Hall, K.A.; Lapointe, A.M.; Boussie, T.; Lund, C. (Symyx Technologies), U.S. Pat. Appl. Publ., 2002, 13 pp., US 20020002257.
  • Substituted pyridyl amine ligands, complexes, catalysts and processes for polymerizing olefins.  Boussie, T.R.; Diamond, G.M.; Goh, C.; Hall, K.A.; Lapointe, A.M.; Leclerc, M.K.; Lund, C.; Murphy, V. (Symyx Technologies). PCT Int. Appl., 2002, 195 pp., WO 0238628.
  • Ether-amine ligand/metal complex polymerization catalysts, compositions, and use for olefin polymerization.  Goh, C.; Diamond, G.M.; Murphy, V.; Leclerc, M.K.; Hall, K.; Lapointe, A.M.; Boussie, T.R.; Lund, C.; Uno, T. (Symyx Technologies).  PCT Int. Appl., 2001, 72 pp., WO 174910.
  • High throughput screen for identifying polymerization catalysts from potential catalysts.  Diamond, G.M.; Goh, C.; Leclerc, M.K.; Murphy, V.; Turner, H.W.  (Symyx Technologies), PCT Int. Appl., 2001, 66 pp., WO 0198371.
  • Synthesis and structures of the cuboidal iron-sulfur-nitrosyl-phosphine clusters [Fe4S3(NO)4(PR3)3]0,1+ (R = Et, iPr, C6H11).  Goh, C.; Holm, R.H., Inorg. Chim. Acta, 1998, 270(1,2), 46-54.
  • The mixed-valence double-cubanoid cluster [Fe8S12(tBuNC)12]: synthesis, structure, and exchange coupling of a new structural array of four Fe(III) sites.  Goh, C.; Nivorozhkin, A.; Yoo, S.J.; Bominaar, E.L.; Muenck, E.; Holm, R.H., Inorg. Chem., 1998, 37(12), 2926-2932.
  • Determination of the exchange-coupling constant of an Fe3+-Fe3+ pair in a cubane-type Fe-S cluster.  Yoo, S. J.; Hu, Z.; Goh, C.; Bominaar, E. L.; Holm, R.H.; Muenck, E., J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1997, 119(37), 8732-8733.
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  • Polycubane clusters: synthesis of [Fe4S4(PR3)4]1+,0 (R = tBu, Cy, iPr) and [Fe4S4]0 core aggregation upon loss of phosphine.  Goh, C.; Segal, B.M.; Huang, J.; Long, J.R.; Holm, R.H., J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1996, 118(47), 11844-11853.
  • The [2:2] site-differentiated clusters [Fe4S4L2(RNC)6] containing two low-spin iron(II) sites.  Goh, C.; Weigel, J. A.; Holm, R. H., Inorg. Chem., 1994, 33(22), 4861-4868.

Previous Courses Taught

  • CHEM 156: Organic Chemistry Lab
  • CHEM 256: Foundations of Physical and Inorganic Chemistry Lab
  • CHEM 335: Inorganic/Organometallic Chemistry
  • CHEM 364: Instrumental Methods of Analysis

Summer Research Students

Summer Research 2007 Matthew Limpar '09, William McClain '09, and Professor Goh