Raymond Chang

At Williams since 1968
Office: Thompson Chemistry Lab 112 Lab: Bronfman Science Center 264-265 (413) 597-2184

Areas of Expertise

Generation and characterization of unusual radicals; fluorescence quenching of chlorophyll molecules.

Scholarship/Creative Work

Selected Publications
  • "Singlet Quenching of Chlorophyll a and Pheophytin a by 2,4,7-trinitro-9-(fluoroenylidene)malononitrile: Influence of Ground-state Complexation," L. V. Natarajan, M. Thandi Buthelezi, Laura R. Lim, and Raymond Chang, Chem. Phys. Letts. 197, 145 (1992).
  • "Protodediazoniation of Aryldiazonium Fluoroborates by Dimethylformamide," J. H. Markgraf, R. Chang, J. R. Cort, J. L. Durant, Jr., M. Finkelstein, A. W. Gross, M. H. Lavyne, W. M. Moore, R. C. Petersen, and S. D. Ross, Tetrahedron, 53, 10009 (1997).
  • "Primary Kinetic Isotope Effect - A Lecture Demonstration," R. Chang, The Chemical Educator,Volume 2, Issue 3 (1997).
  • "Illustrating Chemical Concepts with Coin Flipping," R. Chang and J. W. Thoman, Jr., Chem. Educator, 6, 1-2 (2001).
  • “Lecture Demonstration of Fluorescence and Phosphorescence,” David P. Richardson and Raymond Chang, Chemical Educator, 12, 1 (2007).
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