Suggested Course Groupings

For the purpose of assisting students in selecting a program consistent with their interests and possible continuation of their studies at the graduate level, the following groupings of electives and faculty advisors are suggested. However, a case can be made for selecting courses from the different groups.

Area Recommended Courses Faculty to Consult
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Chemistry 321, Chemistry 322, Chemistry 324, Chemistry 341, Chemistry 364, Chemistry 367 Professors Gehring, Hart, Rawle and Thuronyi
Organic Chemistry Chemistry 341, Chemistry 342, Chemistry 343, Chemistry 344T, Chemistry 348, Chemistry 361, Chemistry 364, Chemistry 366, Chemistry 373 Professors S. Goh, Green, Smith, Thuronyi and Turek
Physical and Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry 335, Chemistry 361, Chemistry 364, Chemistry 366, Chemistry 368T Physical Chemistry:Professors Carrasquillo, Peacock-Lopez, or Thoman
Inorganic Chemistry: Professors C. Goh, Green, or Park
Materials Science
Chemistry 336, Chemistry 335, Chemistry 364, Chemistry 366 Professors S. Goh or Park