The Degree with Honors

The Degree with Honors in Chemistry provides students with an opportunity to undertake an independent research project under the supervision of a faculty member, and to report on the nature of the work in two short oral presentations and in a written thesis.

Chemistry majors who are candidates for the Degree with Honors take the following in addition to the courses listed for the major:

493-W031-494: Senior Research and Thesis

The principal considerations in admitting a student to a program of independent research will be mastery of fundamental materials and skills, ability to pursue independent study successfully, and demonstrated student interest and motivation. In addition, to enroll in these courses leading to a Degree with Honors, a student must have a B- average in all chemistry courses or the permission of the chair. At the end of the first semester, the Department will review the student’s progress and determine whether the student is a candidate for a Degree with Honors. The designation of a Degree with Honors in Chemistry or a Degree with Highest Honors in Chemistry is based primarily on a departmental evaluation of the accomplishments in these courses and on the quality of the thesis. Completion of the research project in a satisfactory manner and preparation of a well-written thesis will usually result in a Degree with Honors. In cases where a student has demonstrated unusual commitment and initiative resulting in an outstanding thesis based on original experimental results, combined with a strong record in all of his or her chemistry courses, the Department will award a Degree with Highest Honors in Chemistry.

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